Mas Y Mas En Vivo  (Spanish Version) CD

Mas Y Mas En Vivo (Spanish Version) CD

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Spanish version of the 2013 LIVE worship release, “More and More”, featuring Lilly Goodman, Lucia Parker, Freddy Rodriguez and Edward Rivera. Released October 2014.

Track List:
1. Todos a Danzar
2. Nueva Cancion
3. GLORIOSO (FEAT. Lucia Parker)
4. Amoroso
6. CLAMAMOS (FEAT. Lilly Goodman)
7. Ante Ti
8. Mas y Mas
9. QUE EL MUNDO ESCUCHE (FEAT. Freddy Rodriguez)
10. Nuevo (FEAT. Sdward Rivera)
11. Todos a Danzar Reprise
12. Todos a Danzar (Kingston Remix)