Heart Of Stone (CD)

Heart Of Stone (CD)

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Ten years and five acclaimed albums into one of the most uncompromising careers in American music, the singer/songwriter whose work has been compared to Prine, Cash and Nebraska-era Springsteen by some the toughest music writers in America may have finally conquered his most demanding critic of all: himself.

“Right now, this is my favorite record,” Chris Knight says of his new album, Heart Of Stone. “It might just be my best. For some reason, there’s a cohesiveness here that’s not like anything I’ve done before. But at the same time, it’s not real predictable. There’s a lot of texture to it as well, but it’s a simple record. I don’t know how that happened. But I know it when I hear it.”

Track List: 

1. Home Sick Gypsy
2. Hell Ain’t Half Full
3. Something to Keep Me Going
4. Heart of Stone
5. Danville
6. Another Dollar
7. Almost there
8. Crooked Road
9. Maria
10. Miles to Memphis
11. My Old Cars
12. Go On Home